The Types of LED Light Bulbs That You Need to Know

types LED bulb

Lighting at home, whether it is outdoor or indoor, is an important thing to pay attention to. Good lighting is important to make sure everyone living within the house can do their activity properly, such as reading, doing homework, and cooking, especially during evening time. Poor lighting at home may cause a lot of problems, from health problem to security problem. But using wrong type of lighting can also be a hassle, especially for your electricity bills. Nowadays, with the rapid development of technology, new invention for more efficient light bulbs with high luminosity has been found. This innovative light bulbs called Light Emitting Diode (LED). This type of light bulbs is suitable for those who need a lot of light bulbs but limited electricity power. LED light bulbs will surely save you some money without losing its brightness.
LED light bulbs is the most efficient lighting that exist in this generation. It consume less energy than conventional light bulbs. It is also highly durable, with the longest lifespan can last up to Continue reading “The Types of LED Light Bulbs That You Need to Know”

Benefit of Smart Switches: A Road to Smart Home

smart switch lighting

Over the past decades, the development of technology has been happening so rapidly. It is advancing so much that even things that were never considered related to be ‘smart devices’ are starting to be connected to internet and change our way of living. Nowadays, there are significant elevation of new gadgets that can turn your home into ‘smart home’, such as smart thermostats, light bulbs, door locks and switches. This article will be focusing more on what is smart switches, how it works, and the benefit of smart switches.

So what is a smart switch?

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Wireless LED Strips: A Step to the Future

Wireless LED Strips

In the era of internet, a lot of things that were never considered to as smart devices are beginning to become ‘smart’ and turn our way of living 180 degree. ‘Smart home’ is a new term that describe how the devices in your house are able to be controlled without cable. There are a lot of new gadgets that can turn your house into smart home, such as thermostats, lighting, switches, and even door locks. The first step that you can do to turn your house into ‘smart home’ is installing Continue reading “Wireless LED Strips: A Step to the Future”

Smart LED Strips Choosing Guide

smart LED strips

There are a lot of things that influence the ambience of your house. One of the great factor is the type of lighting that you choose. Nowadays, there are many types of light bulbs that can be used to brighten your home. Smart LED strips are one of them. This type of lighting is recommended for secondary lighting instead of the main one. It is due to the fact that LED strips consist of several color of lamp. If you choose this type of lighting to be the main one, Continue reading “Smart LED Strips Choosing Guide”

Best Smart Bulb Lighting for your Smart Home

The idea of using best Smart LED bulb is getting very popular now, and people commonly associate the idea with a home automation system in their house. If you are intrigued to use the best of those light bulbs in the same system, you need to learn the basic first. Let’s understand the nature of hoe automation system.

Home automation is a system that utilizes a computer or more to control home features and basic functions in automatic way. Many times, house owners like to set it in remote controlling as well. Each house prefers on different inclusion on the system. Generally, this system is more than capable to integrate almost all functions, including food preparation appliances, lighting, security systems, window coverings, air conditioning, heating, and even water sprinkling. House sensors, surveillance cameras, smoke detectors, locks, and even electrical outlets are able to be included as well. If the house owner prefer it, amateur radios, fax machines, answering machines, telephones, and the other communication means can be integrates as well. The entire system needs high-speed internet connection, appropriate program, and wireless links or interconnecting cables. In addition, emergency backup power source for the computers is also essential to prepare.
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