Best Smart Bulb Lighting for your Smart Home

The idea of using best Smart LED bulb is getting very popular now, and people commonly associate the idea with a home automation system in their house. If you are intrigued to use the best of those light bulbs in the same system, you need to learn the basic first. Let’s understand the nature of hoe automation system.

Home automation is a system that utilizes a computer or more to control home features and basic functions in automatic way. Many times, house owners like to set it in remote controlling as well. Each house prefers on different inclusion on the system. Generally, this system is more than capable to integrate almost all functions, including food preparation appliances, lighting, security systems, window coverings, air conditioning, heating, and even water sprinkling. House sensors, surveillance cameras, smoke detectors, locks, and even electrical outlets are able to be included as well. If the house owner prefer it, amateur radios, fax machines, answering machines, telephones, and the other communication means can be integrates as well. The entire system needs high-speed internet connection, appropriate program, and wireless links or interconnecting cables. In addition, emergency backup power source for the computers is also essential to prepare.

In this system, the smart LED light will work best. What makes this light bulb different to the other standard LED bulbs? Smart LED light is also known as smart bulb or smart lighting. It refers to the same LED bulbs that are equipped with internet capability. This capability allows it to be customized, controlled, and scheduled remotely. These bulbs are currently considered as one of the most successful items in home automation or IoT list. Perhaps, it is because lighting is the most crucial need for a house and it makes the simplest detail to set as well comparing to the others.

What to Look on Best Smart Bulb Smart Lighting

Replacing the standard incandescent bulbs with smart bulbs for smart lighting is a genius idea. However, with smart home market is flooded with so many options from so many brands, choosing the best one can be tough. Here are several aspects you need to look for while selecting.


Unlike traditional ones, smart bulbs offer certain degree of interactivity and control. Several best smart bulb wifi offer great internet connection in addition to remote control and scheduled timers. While controlling is just a matter of tapping on a table or smartphone, these bulbs are so much more convenient than the others. Remote controlling and scheduled timers are perfect features to have if you want to save some energy, even while you are out. Hub will be needed by several bulbs, while the rests don’t need any hub at all. You may want to consider the options before choosing.

Several bulbs support mood lighting feature that should helps you to set certain mood in the house. Several of these bulbs even can be synced up to TV shows and certain movies to set the illumination. Meanwhile, geo-fancing bulbs are perfect for those who travel a lot. It detects your location based on your smartphone location so it automatically turns on and off depending on your location.

Many new smart bulbs today hook up with Apple’s HomeKit and Amazon’s Alexa. It means you can control your house lighting system using your voice only. In addition, it is possible to integrate these bulbs with other smart home devices and kits like the thermostats and security cameras. If these bulbs have If This Then That (IFTTT) compatibility, you can combine several triggers into a recipe to set certain reaction for the bulbs. The triggers can be simple things like weather changes and phone notifications. However, it is recommended not to choose bulb with double function, like speaker as the second duty, as none is proven to be great so far.

Color and Luminance

Many of the bulbs are available on white only. However, we will find several bulbs that are actually available in any color of the rainbow. We need to admit that color is a super fun way to create certain atmosphere in a room. If we can have this in the house, it should support any house activity.

Each bulb from each brand offers different brightness, for the first place. If you want to find out about a bulb brightness level, the amount of lumens it has will explain it. More lumens numbers equal a brighter bulb. However, the light can distribute in pretty wide swath while it can also disperse in a pretty much narrow beam as well. Even though they offer the same concepts, each bulb may perform differently comparing to each other.

In addition to brightness, we also need to consider on the temperature. High temperature bulb, like in 8,500k, will be an ideal choice for office lighting. Meanwhile, lower temperature, like 2,500k, delivers warmer and cozier glow, which is an ideal glow for relaxing.


Obviously, we are going to control and manage the entire bulbs through your tablet or mobile phone through an app. The most important thing is what app supports the bulb. There are many apps and owner is often suggested to get familiar with multiple apps just in case. However, only very few of the apps are recommended due to their excellent service. It is highly recommended to search on the bulbs and the supported apps, and read the entire reviews on the apps too. Many times, it saves people from choosing the right bulb.


Before deciding on a budget, it is important to note that LED smart bulbs do not only use light-emitting diodes, but also several addition technologies as well. If you want to upgrade the entire parts of your house, don’t be hard to yourself when it comes to the price. Depending on the specifications, this bulb is logically more expensive than the traditional ones. In consequences of the expensive price, this bulb also serves in much longer span while it saves far more energy as well. Basically, it doesn’t cost too much far from one we used to have in the end. Many great options are available under $100 while several items are even cheaper than a movie ticket on special occasions.

Top 4 Best Smart Bulb Reviews

With home automation is getting more and more familiar today, there are so many options for smart bulbs alone in the market. There are even many new brands getting into the tight competition that we don’t know before. More options can be self-relieving as well as confusing at the same time. Considering its performance, features, and price, several smart bulbs can be considered as the best smart LED lighting in home automation market. If you plan to upgrade your house with these bulbs, it is important to get the best ones for ultimate performance and satisfaction in the long run. The following listed bulbs deserve your attention.

  1. Philips Hue Smart Bulb

This 120 volt smart bulb is one of the best recommendations today. We only need 9 watt to power each bulb. This bulb is equipped with 600 lumens, which is bright enough especially for house lighting. It looks great in white, but it is capable to be set on other shades as well. It is designed to work well using a tablet or mobile phone and it requires connection to Ethernet, instead of Wi-Fi, to get remotely controlled. Even though it works well with three-way switch, it is recommended to use this bulb without switch or using one of the Hue’s switches and controlling it using an app.

According to the customer reviews, this bulb has no significant technical issue we can complain about. However, the shade gives the manufacturer a room for improvement. While its white is perfect, this bulb reproduces yellow, orange, and red pretty nicely. However, green and blue shades aren’t so great, they even have a little red on it. It works well with a third party app while it also makes an ideal bulb to work with using the IFTTT system. Included in under $100 price range, this is a preferable option for huge house upgrade.

  1. TP Link Smart Bulb

This smart bulb offers a certain degree of interactivity to enjoy. This 120 volt has 800 lumens on it. It equals to 60W light brightness. Connectivity suggested for this bulb is using your house Wi-Fi through an app called Kasa. It enables house owner to do several activities through their tablets and smartphones. It includes tracking the energy used, setting scenes and schedule, and adjusting bulb brightness. Remote controlling is possible using this bulb, allowing you to turn on and off the bulbs even when you aren’t home. Even though we can do IFTTT using this bulb, it doesn’t require any hub as it works well with any Wi-Fi router you may know, and we can use Amazon Alexa on this bulb. It is compatible with 2.4GHz of Wi-Fi connection while it offers 22.8 years of warranty, which equals to 25,000 hours of usage.


Even though this bulb sounds fantastic, several customers experience issues. Comparing to the competitors on its class, this bulb has pretty limited Alexa function. We can ask Alexa to turn on or off the bulbs and to alter its brightness, but you can’t create a scene using a voice command. In addition, we can no longer use any switch once we install the bulbs.

  1. GE Lighting Smart Bulb

This bulb highlights its capability to perform like a smart bulb with 60 watts power by only using 12 watts instead. Even though it still needs additional hub to set up, it can be controlled using Amazon Alexa. This bulb can be set as automate lighting that fits your personal schedule, to be synced with other smart home automation devices, and to be operated as single or group of bulbs. The best app to control this bulb is Wink app while it also remains compatible SmartThings Hub, Amazon Echo, and other possible Zigbee devices. It offers 22.8 years if usages while it remains highly recommended for general purposes in indoor settings. This bulb offers 2,700k of Soft White appearance and 800 lumens in performance.


Even though several customers have minor flickering issue and its size is visibly bigger than other similar bulbs on its class, this bulb is proven to work well with IFTTT. We can still use switch with these bulbs even though to control it using your smartphone will require you to turn on your switch. You can create scenes and making a shortcut for it on your smartphone while Geofence feature is totally supported.

  1. OSRAM Dimmable Smart Bulb

This bulb is created to offer networked, individual, and helpful interactivity. This bulb is compatible with Amazon Echo, Nest, Wink, and SmartThings. Being an RGB light, it can be set on several colors or shades while it is completely tunable from daylight white to soft white. It can be remotely controlled from your mobile devices and it offers 20,000 of life rating. The wirelss gateway needed for this bulb is compatible to any existing switch, and it works best under ZigBee protocols. The color temperature is customizable from 2,700k to 6,500k while it also offers several levels of dimming light. The spec makes this bulb and ideal option for indoor lighting while it makes a great spot light with color for outdoor or garden lighting as well. Even though it is claimed to be compatible on many app options, it is highly recommended to use LIGHTIFY app, which is free. This app is compatible on Android 4.1 or above and Apple iOS7 or above.


Few customers experience issues when these bulbs removed themselves from the gateway every once in a while. In addition to it, this bulb with rotates the color changing from red then blue and green before it changes into soft white. However, this issue is minor comparing to its excellent performance and easy to set technical performance.


Smart lighting is an answer to energy crisis and house expense budget. It allows user to set on schedules to save energy on hours when they don’t use it. It also allows users to control the entire energy usage, while it offers sophisticated features like dimming levels and scenes for better mood and atmosphere in the house. Each bulb has its own strong and weak points. Choosing the best Smart LED bulb also means selecting one that is highly recommended for purchasing and one that fits your needs and situations best. So which one is your pick from the recommendations above?

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