LED night light bulb – best recommendation and how to best use it

What not to love with the cute little LED night light bulb, it has just enough features but only what we need and it just (usually) works. Before we jump in we our recommendation for best LED night light, let’s remind us what makes LED light lovable.

  1. LED has very long lifetime. The way it is manufactures and operates makes it can last for around 100,000 hours (that means 20 years if you turn it on for 8 hours per day).
  2. Safer for most goods and materials. The amount of infrared radiation and UV emission is minimal so that it will not endanger heat-sensitive material and UV-sensitive material such as old goods, paintings in museum, etc.
  3. Eco-friendly. Unlike the traditional bulb which composed of mercuries as one of the lighting materials, LED is toxic-free and it is recycle-able too.
  4. Awesome durability. Due to its simple form and materials, LED light are shock-proofed , resistant to vibrations, rough weather for a hard rain and harder wind. LED bulb can survive those challenges make it suitable for outdoor lighting scenarios as well as indoor.
  5. It saves money. LED voltage efficient is famous. It illuminates perfectly as required with very little voltage. So you can save another monthly bills.

With those LED light benefits, let’s see some scenarios where LED night light bulb might bring you even more joys.

  1. Using LED night light as emergency light. When the main power line suddenly off. When this kind of scenario happens, you need to access some important things such as mobile phone, main home keys or cookies 😉 . Some LED light night bulbs features illuminates in dark. Just place the LED night light in certain areas which most of the important stuff is stored, this way you will never get lost when the power line off.
  2. Train your kids to sleep in dark. We all know that sleep in dark is actually better for your body and mental. But our kids seems to save their bad imagination of darkness. LED light night can be used as staged training for kids, with its little lightings, kids will get use to sleep with lower and lower lights.
  3. As decoration for hallway and staircase. Sometimes we want the hallway and staircase not too bright to set the tone of the rooms in between. But in the same time we want to minimize accident when someone accessing it. Just place the LED light into to hallway corner & staircase to guide people to get through each of their steps.

There are many other scenarios when we can use LED night light to our benefits, those 3 just to give the common example.

With those in mind, we’ve dived in the store to pick you the best 3 LED night light bulb, here they are.


    1. Out first pick goes to Sycees 0.5W Plug-in LED Night Light Lamp . 

It has all  basic features of awesome LED light night such as

  • Giving the Exact Brightness
  • Auto On/Off Sensor it knows when to turns on (at dusk) and off (at dawn). It is 2017, and manually turn on/off light is so yesterday. 
  • Compact & Offset Prongs
  • Save Electricity Money. Using 4pcs super bright LED, no bulb replacement. 12hrs each day, only 2.2 Kwh per year.
  • Come in pack of 6.

One of the user report that he love the feature is that, even if they ran 24/7, they would only cost 31 cents A YEAR each to operate. One regular 5 watt incandescent night light costs 10 times that amount. So they will save money, and pay for themselves in less than a year.

2. Our second pick fell for Amir Motion Sensor Light, Cordless Battery-Powered LED Night Light.

Its cute circle LED night comes in 6 pack.

It features Super-bright LED Bulbs – Up to 20 Lumen output, PIR Motion & Light Sensor , very Simple to install without hard wiring. It used batteries to run. It is  Circle shaped and compact sized make it an ideal night light for your bedroom, bathroom, stairs, hallway, kitchen, closet, etc

3. The third pick is OxyLED OxySense T-02S . It has different shape from the first two. It is ideal for wall LED night lights.

While the other two are dawn/dusk activated , this is motion activated, it can detect motion and illuminates. It feaatures

  • 20 SUPER-BRIGHT LEDs: contains 20 energy-saving and motion sensing LEDs to illuminate dark spaces
  • MOTION-ACTIVATED: automatically senses human motion within 3 metres and turns off 15 seconds after you walk away from sensing range
  • RECHARGEABLE: powered by built-in 3.7V 600mAh battery, this sensing light can be recharged via a micro USB port
  • EASY TO INSTALL WITH USB CHARGING: with built-in high performance USB rechargeable batteries the light is ready to go out of the box. Stick-on anywhere with the adhesive magnetic strip, without the need for tools
  • RELIABLE AND FRIENDLY CUSTOMER SERVICE: Ready to respond within 24 hours and lifetime support


Those are our 3 favorites of LED night light bulb, how about you, do you have specific recommendation or stories about LED night bulb? hit it on the comment.

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